For the way we fish, the rod is one of the most important tools in my book. We will have the rod in our hands a minimum 8 hours a day, casting and jigging. I determine my rod choice according to length, strength, weight, and comfort. 



          The length of a rod is measured from the tip all the way to the end of the butt. Fishing rods range in length from about four feet all the way up to fourteen feet in length. Shorter rods cast shorter distances and are usually used for lightweight lures.They also allow you better manipulation when you are fighting with a fish, so may be appropriate for big game fishing. They are also useful when trolling, and pulling big fish out of wrecks and structure.

          Longer rods cast further distances, which is perfect for trying to get the bait away from the boat.


Power is the rating that describes overall stiffness of the blank. Power ranges from UL (Ultra Light) to XH (Extra Heavy). Fishing Redfish tournaments I look for something that is strong enough to turn the head of a Red but not weigh a ton. 



Action of a rod is a rating, which describes the amount of curvature that occurs in the blank due to loading with weight. The faster the action, the further towards the tip the rod bends. The slower the action, the further towards the middle of the rod and so on. Action varies from Extra-Fast to Slow.

Another important consideration of rod action is casting distance. The slower the action the better the rod will cast. Rods that have a slower action have a wider curve on their parabolic bend, and therefore can store more potential energy when casting. This is called "rod loading." In effect, the more the rod loads, the more of the rod you use to cast. Fast action rods bend closer to the tip, using less of the rod to cast. Faster action rods tend to recover faster, but do not load up as well. More moderate action rods tend to recover poorly, but load up better. If you can find a moderate action rod with fast recovery, it will outcast everything else if the rest of the playing field is equal.

With all of the above knowledge and information considered, you now must choose a rod that you are also confident with.


AJ - G.Loomis E6X Inshore 7'6 Medium Fast.











Jake - St. Croix Triumph 7'6 Medium Fast.



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